White floor pad for scrubbing operations

White floor pad for scrubbing operations


Floor machine pads

Produced and imported from the USA.

The brand-new extensive range of floor pads designed for the care and maintenance of floors with scrubbers and floor machines.

Made of high quality synthetic fiber in an open textured construction, the disk floor pads combine the very best of quality and effectiveness, at a highly competitive price.

The most valuable feature of disk floor pads is the uniform distribution of the mineral abrasives throughout the pad, not just on the surface, for better and longer life.

Floor machine pads. White floor pad for scrubbing operations

Product specifications: the white floor pad consists of polyester fibers, very flexible for better conformability to the floors and easier washing after use. Floor pad thickness is 25 mm. Pre-cut center hole at 85 mm.

Use: the white floor pad is designed for buffing operations of unprotected floors with standard speed rotary floor machines. Specific fibers mix enhance the floor shine; doesn’t scratch or damage protected floors.

Caution: the white floor pad is to be used on machines which works from 150 to 1000 RPM. Remove and clean the disc after use.


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