Stainless steel Bins trolley

Bins round on wheels in various sizes in stainless steel AISI 304 suitable for inclusion in any environment in undercounter or heavy work, kitchens, canteens, hospitals, community.

Careful processing and a variety of models with automatic or normal pedal and the various measures make these trash cans and high-profile design.

  1. 1
    MC1000 dustbin trolley round steel 50-liter PROMOTION -
    Dustbin trolley round steel 50-liter
  2. 2
    MC1002 dustbin trolley round steel 75-liter PROMOTION -
    Round steel 75 liter trash can cart
  3. 3
    MC1004 roundup Round Dustbin Stainless 50 liter pedal opening-PROMOTION -
    Dustbin trolley round steel 50-liter pedal opening practice
  4. 4
    MC1006 roundup Round Dustbin Stainless 75 liter pedal opening-PROMOTION -
    Dustbin trolley round steel 75-liter pedal opening practice
  5. 5
    MC1003 dustbin trolley round steel 100 l - PROMOTION -
    Round steel trash can dolly 100 liters
  6. 6
    MC1007 Dustbin Round steel 100 liter wheeled pedal opening-PROMOTION -
    Dustbin trolley round steel 75 liter pedal opening practice with castors
  7. 7
    MC1001 dustbin trolley round steel from 70 liters
    Dustbin trolley round stainless steel 70 litri. Dimensions - 395X730H wheels
  8. 8
    MC1005 roundup Round Dustbin Stainless 70 liter pedal opening
    Dustbin trolley round steel 70 liter pedal opening practice
  9. 9
    Dust-bin bag with pedal lid opening into steel
    Garbage bag holder with pedal lid opening. dim. Ø39,5x85h